Soda Review: Pure Sodaworks Strawberry Jalapeno (BevNerd #172)

On this episode of BevNerd, I try Pure Sodaworks’ Strawberry Jalapeño natural soda! This soda comes with high intrigue to me! Inspired by a Mexican candy comes a fresh strawberry soda with real jalapeño flavor. Ingredients: Sparkling Water, Pure Cane Sugar, Strawberries, Jalapeños. Find out more at

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Pure Sodaworks - Café Cola Review (BevNerd #171)

On this episode of BevNerd I try Café Cola by my new pals at Pure Sodaworks, a craft soda company out of Chattanooga, TN. They began as a mobile soda fountain in 2011 and started bottling their most popular sodas in 2012! Key ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Orange, Lemon and Lime Juices, Espresso. The soda is all natural, no artificial colors/flavors/preservatives. 


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Just Arrived! Pure Sodaworks from Chattanooga, TN!

Just arrived! Pure Sodaworks craft soda from Chattanooga, TN. Really excited to get to reviewing these this weekend! Comes in Apple Pie, Cafe Cola, Hibiscus Lemon, Honey Lime, Root Beer #4, and Strawberry Jalapeno! Sweetened with pure cane sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives! Check them out at today!

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Tommyknocker Almond Creme & Prometheus Springs Mango Chili Review!


On this special episode of BevNerd Video Podcast, I am welcomed by RetroSoda store at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV! I reviewed a couple of unique beverages that I’ve never seen before in Tommyknocker Brewery’s Almond Creme Soda and Prometheus Springs’ Mango Chili Beverage (as chosen by manager, Randy).

I do apologize for the brief blurriness in the Tommyknocker review, it gets better afterwards. Thanks to for letting me try a couple of their sodas from the 124+ variety of flavors!


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Snack Review: KICKASS Pickled Turkey Gizzard BevNerd #169

On this episode of BevNerd I review Pickled/Cooked Turkey Gizzards from KICKASS Snacks. This is one of their products gaining popularity in the bar food and tavern market! I’m with them for the week in Las Vegas for the AWMA Marketplace Show. I’ve been wanting to try these since I first saw them on their site. 


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BevNerd Video Podcast returns tomorrow! I’ve been in Las Vegas for the week recording content and assisting the fine fellows at Kickass Beef Jerky at the AWMA Marketplace Show and visiting a store I met on Instagram, RetroSoda!Keep your eyes peeled around 11 am CST for the 1st episode of the 4th year of BevNerd. I review KICKASS Pickled Turkey Gizzards! Other reviews include KA’s Bleu Cheese Stuffed Queen Olives and a show recorded at RetroSoda with some GREAT drinks! Cheers! Feel free to start a “Welcome Back!” chant at any time. Or not! Glad to be back!
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